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Sorry we are no longer taking new signups to Rotaboard. Why not try Rotaboard's Commercial Successor, Schedulewall.

Dear Rotaboard Customer,

We have received a lot of great feedback for Rotaboard, way more than we could ever have hoped for and we thank all the people who have sent us emails (keep doing that).

We have had lots (and lots) of requests for features, upgrades and support but due to the free nature of Rotaboard and commitments to other commercial projects, we had thus far been unable to allocate much time to Rotaboard.

Hence due to popular request, we have been working on a commercial successor to Rotaboard that adheres to the same spirit of Rotaboard with focus on simplicity and ease of use. We've introduced paid supported plans (there is still a free plan) and plan to iteratively and consistently evolve the new application so our customers can get the best scheduling tools for their domains.

Schedulewall's Beta Release


As a thanks for all of you who have been patient and enjoy using Rotaboard, we are opening the application up to you first, in which we hope you can give us continuing feedback, suggestions and bug reports. We aim to go to a full public release in the next few weeks.

As an added thank you, we are also offering you this save £5 EVERY MONTH coupon: EARLYBIRD. That's about a savings of 100 dollars per year! But grab it while its hot as this is a limited promotion. To use, enter the above code in the coupon field when you sign up for a paid account. You still get a 30 day free trial and can cancel at any time without charge. If you decide to stay with us, you will continue to receive the discounted rate.

We hope you find Schedulewall just as useful as you have Rotaboard (And much much more). And we look forward to your feedback once you get to using it.